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Hair transplants term

Follicular unit of human scalp consists of 1-4 Naturally occurring entities, sometimes 5 Adults follicular unit terminal Follicles, 1, or nearly 2 vellus hair follicles, sebaceous glands associated lobules, arrector pili muscle nerves And insertion of vascular plexuses, and well-adventitial collagen surrounding areas, and Unit (perifolliculum) are defined.

Follicular unit transplantation as an individual out of Obtained by dissection of corruption, is a naturally occurring follicular units. This In addition, follicular unit transplantation, the most portable () hair ratio / Skin, unlike the follicular unit transplant organs in the larger sense is called Some rain in the head bearing the original donor tissue away from Dissection has been grooming.

The hair transplant Micrograft 1-2. It is One can naturally occur at the configuration of the two - hair follicular Units or larger units that are derived from the segmentation.

Minigraft 3-6, a single follicular unit hair transplantation, follicular derived from the number one Unit, or a different part of follicular units. Walter eonggeoroseo suggest 3-4 minigrafts little more hair, the hair, and large 5-6 minigrafts Category Can be.

Slit - a hair transplant or implant, 3-6 Multiple follicular units, follicular unit derived from the different parts or technology Specifically, where the incision will attempt to create a linear array hair follicular units, or. This can be classified as smaller niche 3-4 hair transplantation, a large slit - 5-6 hair transplant.

Follicular Unit Natural anatomical technique, individual follicular units into a single strip has been removed The phenomenon of tissue dissected from the donor (rather than multiple - two More than bladed knife blade) than in the follicular unit intact Order Kept. Is not part of the overall hair-bearing implants Mass loss will be removed. Stereo - tiny incision is required.

Micrografts or slit mini - implant the size of the incision technique Ser They include the donor strip and / or the size of a human hair Defined by the number of transplant production of a certain size is divided Cut the organization of the site for a specific recipient will be. Excessive Does not require the removal of the skin. Without dissection or magnification You can remove the donor's tissue can be performed Single-or multi-strip - bladed knife.

Follicular unit hair transplantation Where is the head of surgery to restore the company's proprietary Nature, is an individual phenomenon transplant follicular units. Single-strip harvesting And a stereo - a tiny incision is required. Small transplant recipient must be inserted into the incisions.

Mini-way must be implanted in Micrografting Does not correspond to the naturally occurring follicular unit hair group 1-6 Was included by using a hair transplant. Recipient site incisions May be one of the excisions (tissue removed), or both.

The term Extremes: Science vs. Marketing
Immediately after publication, Seager another term Further suggested, "Follicular families." (7) Dr. Seager paraphrase:

follicular units When dissected, it is clear that some units sometimes seemingly "Stray" belongs to the head. In other words, where the whole The expiration of one follicular unit, and adjacent to the start of one not clear Is, can sometimes. Specifically, once the increased density, hair Want to create (usually) adjacent hairs containing 3 Likely will be included in a follicular periphery. This technology There is a head unit 4 is not been there for four head Unit will be created. Almost one in the immediate vicinity "alahchaetna Enough to see the two units should be identified. "If the two Contiguous units to choose precisely the result the unit is very Sometimes it is impossible, naturally occurring follicular units them apart from Can be difficult.

The key to the success of these efforts, "Follicular Family Is the concept of a unit. "All (" If a family ") 2 -- follicular units randomly up to 2 times more, then the result will be implanted more than the size of the minigraft micrograft. It is growing all the technical limitations and High-density packaging excluded because of failure to keunbatneun site The scalp may require vasculature. If, on the other hand, they Despite the large size, they are forced to receive a second micrograft Small sites; while they attempt to insert the impact will be.

Although the term "family unit follicular" follicular units of the anatomy and Since the surgery, the accounts for the diversity of these variations The use of other terms must be considered based on pure science Did.

A shameless misrepresentation of the term follicular units were "Follicular Unit couplings - position of the slot, hair transplants are implanted. "(8) In this case, combining the original author of the new slot The term is attached. This slit transplantation and cultivation techniques were used Multi - bladed knife and cut into thin rectangular piece of skin with a punch Removal of the large insert in the slot. Results and a new marketing campaign But the same technology behind the original one, not with that said -- Whatsoever, or, follicular units are trying to preserve.

Between these extremes, we continued to struggle in the clear How to explain, to separate terms science can be added to The correct way - the face of ever developing the concept and technology, and the conditions Is increasing. On the other hand is a problem and it is fading.

Create a salad, a feeling of FU
Sounds a list of acronyms, open In a recent meeting with all the ISHRS, we need to find it again Seems a step back and review the new terms, which is a separate Ideas or technology, and redundant, may perhaps represent Can be seen. For the first six and then sort out where the Attempt to pass the term, in my opinion is the most confusing, most of Is redundant. They come in two groups: the first coupling FU, FU a pair, double-FUS (DFUs) and the number of FUS (MFUs) is. The second group, and FIT is it contains.

About the first group, We are two separate terms and conditions of these physicians I think you want to communicate. The first two batches separately receiving People on the site of dissection is the technique of follicular unit transplantation. This Generally used the term "up to 2 times" that many doctors are divided Posted 2 micrografts one used to see on the site. We offer one recipient pair individually isolated Follicular units of two placement techniques and terminology to refer to the FU Is to use sites. We wrong in the past Confusion in literature with slit transplant procedures and has been associated doelwa FU is recommended that the coupling term disposal.

2 the situation is The doctor 2 times (or more locations) follicular units, one of the incisions It is not divided into the hole. In our view this Obviously not follicular unit transplantation. Because of the major advantages puutui One of the FUS FUS 42 separating the bulk of the reduction of corruption in some of the non - Hair-bearing skin, which would have removed the. This, In turn, allows the doctor to secure a single session at the injury A large number of transplants using non-portable, and more - dissected Less able to use the site receives a small follicular units, in our view, Create a larger wound, and perform any of these goals.

This technology will give our doctors do not offer. Which one is the integration of a great surgeon? Our answer is that they Will always call them on their own, these procedures Transplantation. We offer not just call it the Fut. Then Should be called, or micro-portable, mini-transplant, and slit Transplantation has been named. If one claims that they are now Due to using a stereo microscope, you agree that we differ Can. In this case, implanted micro-dissection micro-portable, mini - Transplantation and slit grafts, follicular fact that the incision can be avoided. But They still have not called follicular must communicate Follicular unit transplant unit is more than a pedicle flap Transplantation. To avoid confusion, we suggest removing DFUs and MFUs conditions.

So we should call the eyebrow transplant? Techniques Where a single donor strip of hair, divide up into Most of the hair restoration surgery, according to use, it is one Should call the head micrografting. Contra-1 - the donor side of the head To use an eyebrow, then you can puutragodo.

Happened and FIT
Increased harvesting going on the edge of the incision rate Using a punch (single-strip harvesting and stereomicroscopic anatomy) immediately Some have asked the doctors whether the procedure is relatively follicular units should be classified as the type of transplant. (9) Harris and dull Incision technique greatly reduces the introduction of the damage to the hair follicles, and preservation of follicular units is going on in the form of increased puutui for classifying Argument is quite strong - but certainly not bulletproof - larger incision Since in some cases and in others the entire follicular unit Can not be captured. (10)

Follicular isolation technique (FIT), long-term call Rose used to refer to the technology is going by the "Stop" and To limit the depth of penetration with the punches. Although these Writers and other doctors on the need for depth extraction techniques to stop the questions Fits are more likely than the long-term thing is to capture the entire unit Does. When we can see, the goal, just as a unit rather than follicular Head extracts, the term is preferable to FIT.

In short, this Writers of the following four terms and definitions are added to the original classification of Recommended.

Follicular family unit of two closely adjacent follicular As a transplant, so they are the same size as the maximum Commonly used natural follicular unit procedure Anatomical site, you can put the recipient occurs.

FU is one The recipient of two posted on the site individually isolated follicular Pairing the unit's technology.

Where is it a direct donation procedure It is intended to extract the entire follicular unit extraction. Depth stop If used, must be displayed.

FIT direct extraction Procedures where the intent is to extract the individual or multiple Is less than the entire follicular unit hair. (Ie, micro - Direct extraction of transplantation.) Deep enough to be visible when Is used.

Micro-portable, mini-implant the micro-incision should be mentioned to avoid follicular slit grafts have been dissected Well, that is: a micro-micro-dissected - portable, portable mini-transplant, and slit. The authors of these procedures, the type of follicular unit transplantation should be classified as I do not think. We also have a coupling term FU, DFUs and MFUs and We recommend that confusion should be abandoned.


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